Complete Curb Management

Automate curbside operations for all things mobility – from scooters to delivery trucks. 


Automotus makes it easy to manage, enforce, plan, and monetize your community's most valued real-estate

Welcome to modern mobility management

Give your community 20/20 vision.

Collect data on all forms of mobility to share with stakeholders in real-time and analyze internally

Create automated enforcement workflows for curbside compliance

Give customers the easiest transit experience yet

Location Status



Open Spaces: 0

Vehicles Parked Today: 41

Average Time Parked: 28min 23sec

Vehicles Counted: 429

Violations: 12



Buses Counted: 13

Bikes Counted: 119

Scooters Counted: 39

TNC Vehicles Counted: 32

Average Occupancy: 63%



Operators are loving it. 

”Between catching more violations than our mobile LPR system and collecting a wide range of parking and traffic data, Automotus provides us with powerful tools that take our parking operations to the next level.”


- Gary Bolton, Director of Parking at Loyola Marymount University

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