Spend more time where you want to be, and less time getting there. 

Empowering sustainable and efficient mobility for everyone

Restore order to the curb.

Optimize curbspace for everything from passenger vehicles to ride-sharing and delivery trucks. 

Reduce time spent searching for parking

Increase visitor traffic to retail businesses

Manage transit with ease

Easily integrate newer of forms of mobility

Learn how people move to build on what works and remove bottlenecks

Private by Design | GDPR Compliant

Turn existing cameras into your most valuable mobility asset or easily plug-and-play Automotus cameras. 

Simple Setup

On-Premises & Cloud Capable

Cellular-Enabled Solutions

Impact can be made from deployments of all sizes––focus on problem areas or go community-wide


Increase in enforcement efficiency

Data-Driven Policy, Planning, & Investment


Reduction in parking-caused traffic

”Automotus makes it easy to understand all forms of mobility on our campus, and ensure that we manage them efficiently.”


- Gary Bolton, Director of Parking at Loyola Marymount University

  • Guide mobility decisions with measurable performance indicators

  • Share real-time parking and traffic data with stakeholders

  • Increase compliance and enforcement efficiency with automated enforcement workflows

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