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Restoring order to the curb. 

Optimizing the flow of parking for all forms of mobility

Cut parking-induced traffic 20%

Easily manage traffic and parking for Uber, Amazon, UPS, e-scooters, passenger vehicles, and everything in between.

Reduce time spent searching for parking

Maximize productivity of curb space

Increase visitor traffic to retail businesses

Provide safer streets for all forms of mobility

Automotus Technology

Automotus video analysis software monitors parking and
 traffic for every mode of transit - from passenger vehicles
and bikes, to specific delivery and ride-hailing companies. 

Turn existing cameras into your most valuable mobility asset or easily plug-and-play Automotus cameras. 

Simple Setup

On-Premises & Cloud Capable

Cellular-Enabled Solutions


Private by Design | GDPR Compliant

30% of traffic is drivers searching for parking

By targeting especially chaotic curbs, cities can remove bottlenecks
that increase traffic more broadly.

Numbers we're proud of


traffic caused by parking

+ 500%

enforcement efficiency

+ 25%

parking turnover

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