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join us on our mission to help transform curb management.

The Automotus team is building a new way for cities and airports to manage the rapid rise in commercial vehicle traffic and CO2 emissions in our communities.

From parcel, food delivery, and ride-hailing drivers to cyclists, pedestrians, and small business owners, we’re on a mission to create safer, more efficient streets that work for everyone.

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Our company and our team are growing fast. In 2017 we were just two college students at Loyola Marymount University nerding out on AI and the possibility of solving LA’s traffic problems. Now, we’re a team who has developed a first-of-its-kind computer vision technology that’s supporting the nation’s very first zero emissions delivery zones and helping multiple cities and airports across the country tackle congestion and reduce emissions through Smart Loading Zones.

We have huge goals and the growth we plan to achieve in the coming year requires a bigger team. We want to build the blueprint for how cities all over the country and around the world use computer vision to make their streets more livable, but we can’t do it without more people equally inspired by transformative technology and the possibility of making our communities safer, healthier, and more sustainable.

We’re diverse, passionate about new ideas, work hard, prioritize work-life balance, and never take ourselves too seriously. Join us!

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Who works at Automotus?

Our founders Jordan and Harris went to school together and over the years have brought together a diverse and growing team of entrepreneurs, engineers, product designers, project managers, and writers. Some of us have founded and sold companies while others are exploring new professional paths, just beginning their careers, or jumping on board after taking a year off to travel.

We’re diverse in our experiences, passions, and backgrounds, and we’re constantly looking for ways to integrate new perspectives, voices, and ways of thinking into our team.

Where does the Automotus team work?

We are officially based in Los Angeles where most of our team lives, but many of us work remotely and are spread out across the country. In mid-2022, we opened an office in DTLA and local members of our team are encouraged to spend some time in the office, especially for collaborative work. 

What is the work culture like at Automotus?

We work hard, but never take ourselves too seriously and always prioritize work-life balance over lots of late nights and weekends spent working. We want our team to be healthy, take time off, and get time to volunteer. Striking a healthy balance between work and our personal lives makes us more productive anyway.

Despite being mostly remote, we also organize optional virtual and in-person opportunities to come together as a team and hang out outside work meetings. We also try to prioritize time together in person as often as possible by planning summer and holiday team ga
therings and more informally throughout the year.  

What are Automotus's mission and core values?

Our culture goes beyond our (home) office. We have a simple set of essential values that we have found to be critical to our continued success:


Mission: “We make streets safe, sustainable, and efficient for everyone.”


  • Unrelenting innovation - boundless curiosity to foster continuous improvement of technologies, processes, systems, and practices; an openness to new ideas backed by data and research; recognition that there is always room to improve.

  • > c - faster than the speed of light, act with urgency to move quickly and make decisions efficiently, with a bias towards taking action and achieving outcomes. Prioritize and deprioritize aggressively to ensure the right things are done in the right order.

  • Raise the bar - never settle or be satisfied with anything other than excellence. Be a thought leader in finding solutions; overcome obstacles, seek and speak differing perspectives, embrace discomfort, and inspire action.

  • People first - we engage with empathy, integrity and thoughtfulness, be it clients, customers, partners or teammates; we build products and technologies with people at the core and our joint success is a product of collaboration. We assume good intentions, value diversity in background and thought, and approach our differences with kindness and an open mind.

  • Own it! - maximum ownership for your role, work product, outcomes, and contributions to the team; equal parts empowerment & accountability to achieve the greatest outcome; never pass the buck and be clear about roles and responsibilities to establish a shared understanding of who owns what.

  • Hi-Fi - Listen attentively, speak candidly, and treat others respectfully to promote high fidelity communications.  Leaving our egos at the door, we discuss problems and solutions as openly and as quickly as we can to ensure that resolutions are reached without unnecessary delay. We take great notes and clear our inboxes to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

What benefits are offered by Automotus?

We offer competitive salaries with equity, as well as health benefits, including medical, dental, and vision. We also offer unlimited, self-directed vacation with a mandatory minimum to ensure our team can take time off whenever they feel they need it, and we are very proud to offer five months of paid parental leave to support our team and their families.

What can I expect from the interview process?

We do our best to move applicants through the entire hiring process—from first interview to offer—in under one month. We'll discuss compensation and logistics at the very start of the process to ensure we're aligned on expectations. From there, the interviews are a mix of behavioral and technical prompts (if relevant to the role), designed to better understand your skills, interests and values. We'll also leave plenty of time to answer your questions, so you can get to know us as well!

How much money has Automotus raised and who are you backed by?

We closed a $9M seed round in December 2022 and our existing investors include CityRock Venture Partners, Bridge Investments, Unbridled Capital, Keiki Capital, Techstars Ventures, the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI), Quake Capital, Decarbon8, Baron Davis, and more.

We're also supported by a diverse team of advisors including Gabe Klein, former Department of Transportation commissioner for Chicago and Washington, DC; Bakari Brock, former head of airport partnerships at Lyft; and Richa Sahay, climate action team lead for the UN Secretary General.

Where can I learn more about Automotus?

Don’t just take it from us. We encourage you to check out some of our features in Fast Company, TechCrunch, Fortune, and Forbes, including our recent recognition by Fast Company as one of the next big things in tech and a top sustainability innovation of 2021 alongside Fortune 500 companies General Motors and PepsiCo.

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View of Los Angeles rush hour traffic in
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