commercial curb challenge

join the nation's leading cities in running
no-cost curb management projects to reduce congestion, emissions, and safety hazards.

we're selecting our 2022 cohort of three cities to receive up to $500,000 each to launch curb management projects in their most congested areas

less congestion and
fewer emissions

safer streets
for pedestrians

more business for restaurants and retailers

increased revenue from parking/(un)loading

what's included

Automated payment by the minute - no app or meter needed

state-of-the-art computer vision technology that enables you to charge vehicles for parking and (un)loading by the minute in up to 100 PUDO zones

Driver access to iOS + Android apps for real-time curbside availability data

all data is also available via open APIs

Access to real-time + historical multimodal data via user-friendly dashboard

analytics include dwell time, double-parking, illegal use of loading zones - all broken down by vehicle type

Analysis + roadmapping by world-class transportation consulting firm

end-to-end project support, including identifying ideal loading zone locations, reviewing and analyzing existing data, and setting program KPIs

Real-world implementation of the Open Mobility Foundation's (OMF) Curb Data Specification (CDS)

leverage industry-leading data standard extending on previous mobility data specification (MDS) work

Implement and monitor zero-emissions delivery zones 

monitor use at the curb by EVs vs. ICEs and test various monetization & enforcement structures

1 (1).png

we provide all technology and services at no cost

Bellevue Camera.jpg

easy-to-install curbsight cameras


Atlas on Laptop Curb Management.png

multimodal analytics accessible via a user-friendly dashboard


1 (1).png

app displaying real-time curbside availability for commercial drivers


is your city ready to reimagine
its curb space?

our commercial curb challenge partners


How are cities chosen?

Deadlines & Criteria

  • City must fill out applications and have them submitted by Oct. 1st
  • City must have a desired commitment to measure, manage, & monetize commercial activity at the curb over course of the next year
  • Executive sponsor (DOT Director, PW Director, Mayor's Office Staff, etc.)

Why is Automotus providing this at no cost?

As a leader in automated curb management, Automotus has developed first-of-its-kind computer vision technology that allows cities to automatically analyze, monetize, and enforce all forms of curbside activity without incurring the upfront cost of hardware. We see a valuable opportunity in working with both cities and operators to create a win-win public/private partnership that pays for itself through willing operators who are granted more accessible curbs at a fair rate in areas where their drivers need it most. We are providing our technology at no upfront cost as a direct response to the rapidly expanding number of stakeholders at the curb - freight, ride-hailing, and food delivery services. Automotus has partnership and revenue share agreements that allow us to provide our technology and services to both cities and operators.

How much revenue could this generate?

Depending on the number of designated loading zones, and based on historical data from existing vendors, we can provide a projection of revenue based on usage.

I run a business or oversee a fleet of vehicles (freight, food-delivery, moving trucks, etc.). How do I get involved in this program?

Let’s connect! Email to let us know what cities you operate in and what type of fleet or business you are.

I am a driver and do deliveries or service calls as part of my profession.  How do I get access to Smart Zones in my city?

If you work for a fleet or larger company, check with your management to find out whether your company is already partnering with your city on this program. If you work independently, email We will provide information for how to get access to Smart Zones in each city as program registration becomes available.

I work for a city and we are interested in learning more about implementing Smart Zones. How do I get more information?

You can request a meeting with a member of the Automotus team here.

What is Automotus?

Automotus helps cities manage and monetize commercial activity at the curb. Our comprehensive curb management platform enables cities to collect and analyze data to develop a curb space management plan, unlocking the ability to monetize all commercial activity through a fully automated curb management program that utilizes computer vision to automate payment and enforcement of designated “smart loading zones”. Automotus also works directly with commercial operators and fleets to help them operate in cities more efficiently by sharing real-time parking availability data and alerting them before they receive citations. Learn more about Automotus technology and programs “ here”.