Computer Vision Engineer

Job Description

We are looking for a computer vision engineer to continue to build out and optimize our computer vision software, including detection, tracking, and optical character recognition. This entails a high degree of autonomy in architecting vision pipelines and close coordination with our CTO in the development process.


  • Continue to build out & optimize object detection, tracking, & OCR software

  • Build & maintain systems for communicating data from edge processing units to cloud

  • Collect meaningful data for training pipelines

  • Develop algorithms based on customer requirements to detect and respond to specific real-world events

Skills and Qualifications

  • Strong familiarity with C++ and Python

  • Experience developing segmentation methods using deep learning or traditional computer vision

  • Experience working with Nvidia Ecosystem (Jetsons, TensorRT, Nvidia GPU Cloud)

  • Experience working with OpenCV or developing computer vision systems

  • Familiarity with Machine Learning and Deep Learning

  • Experience or knowledge of working with large datasets

  • Strong understanding of linear algebra concepts & statistics

  • Ability to effectively communicate, delegate and distribute your workload

Beneficial Experience

  • MS in Computer Science, Math or other related field

  • Cuda Programming for image processing pipelines

  • First-hand experience building deep learning pipelines from scratch

  • Familiarity with object detection algorithms like YOLO, FasterRCNN, MaskRCNN

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