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we're creating safer, more sustainable streets for everyone

Automotus has built first-of-its-kind automated curb management solutions
to reduce vehicle emissions, congestion & safety hazards in our communities



e-commerce growth
by 2025


delivery vehicles in major cities by 2030


emissions from delivery vehicles by 2030


adoption of app-based parking solutions

it's time to address the rise
in last-mile deliveries

our tech helps cities, airports and fleets unlock:

10% fewer GHG emissions from commercial vehicles

26% increase in parking turnover

4.7x faster adoption 
of electric vehicles

64% reduction in double-parking events

automate your curb

with simple to install, effortless to manage & private by design tech

easily attach our tech to existing infrastructure, such as streetlight poles

instantly automate data collection, invoicing, and enforcement

our tech blurs all faces, de-identifies data, and only captures relevant license plates for payment and enforcement

our suite of fully automated
curb management solutions 

payment + invoicing


data collection + analytics

make smarter decisions using multimodal curb and traffic activity data broken down by every type of vehicle, including delivery, TNC, bus, passenger, electric and hybrid

make it easier for commercial vehicles to pay for their time at the curb by eliminating the need for apps or meters, and optionally apply discounted rates for electric vehicles

make it safer and more efficient to enforce violations by capturing in real-time when it occurs, optionally notifying enforcement or automatically issuing a citation

our automated tech creates a seamless experience for drivers — no apps, no meters

Urban Traffic

we've made data security & individual privacy top priorities
from the start

independently audited + validated privacy policies

SOC 2 certified

private by design

our partners

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City Crosswalk

are you ready to reimagine
the curb?

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