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tackling safety hazards, congestion, compliance and emissions

automated curb management for cities + airports

computer vision tech for smarter curb operations 

fully automate all labor-intensive curb operations

reduce emissions, congestion, and safety hazards

increase parking turnover for local businesses

capture net new revenue


data collection +

multimodal traffic + curb activity data by vehicle type (i.e. delivery, freight, scooter, bus, passenger, electric, hybrid, etc.)

access to the data you need to align your policies w/ demand

user-friendly analytics dashboard customized to fit your needs

all data available via open APIs and compliant with CDS

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automated payment + invoicing

automatically invoice for the exact amount of time 
drivers use the curb

eliminate the need for meters and apps

make it easier for commercial fleets to compliantly pay for parking

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automated enforcement

automatically capture in real-time when a violation occurs

send citations automatically or notify enforcement personnel in real-time 

view comprehensive logs of all violations at anytime

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how it works

simple to install, effortless to manage, private by design

easily attach our tech to existing infrastructure, such as streetlight poles

instantly automate data collection, invoicing, and enforcement

our tech blurs all faces, de-identifies data, and only captures license plate info to automate payment and enforce violations 

our partners

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