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Delivery Service

streets for fleets

helping fleets access the curb - efficiently, safely, and profitably.

speed. savings. safety. 

reduce time spent searching for parking

avoid paying for costly parking tickets

better access to the curb to reduce double-parking

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what's included

Access to real-time parking availability and congestion data
APIs or iOS & android apps to inform & optimize routes

Guide new location of smart loading zones

Use existing customer data to help cities reallocate curb space

Automated curbside invoicing

Skip the meter or app, automated invoicing prevents parking tickets, overpayment, and wasted time. 

Inform city policies and pricing structures for curbside access

Help transit agencies implement solutions for all modes of transit

Reduced punitive outcomes

Prevent your vehicles from being towed, punitively cited, and more

is your company ready to unlock the last-mile?

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Expanding to cities across the US

Request access for your fleet

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