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Automotus CTO selected as voting member of OMF’s Privacy, Security, and Transparency Committee

After joining the Open Mobility Foundation (OMF) last year, the Automotus team is excited to share that CTO and co-founder Harris Lummis has officially been selected to serve as a voting member of its Privacy, Security, and Transparency Committee.

The protection of individual privacy is foundational to the OMF’s mission, and it's core to ours as well. As a voting member, Automotus now has the opportunity to help define industry standards that champion individual privacy, security, transparency, and public trust. Working alongside the committee’s other voting members, including San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority, City of LA, New York City DOT, Spin, and Bird, Harris will specifically advise the OMF on principles and practices that ensure the secure handling of mobility data.

Our team is committed to making urban mobility more efficient, more sustainable, and more equitable — but never at the cost of personal liberty. We’re hopeful that our role on this committee will ensure that both of these goals are achieved as we support cities, fleets, and businesses in navigating the rapidly evolving mobility landscape.

For more on Automotus’ stance on privacy, check out Harris’ recent post on our privacy policies and governing guidelines.


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