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Automotus joins Urban Freight Lab to help shape solutions for fleet operators

The Automotus team is excited to announce that we’ve joined the Urban Freight Lab (UFL), a public-private partnership housed at the University of Washington that brings together the private and public sectors to explore, design, and test solutions for existing and near-term challenges of urban goods movement.

Increasing demand for e-commerce delivery is expected to result in over 35% more delivery vehicles on city streets by 2030, resulting in more congestion and more emissions — and we know curb management technology has an important role to play in tackling these challenges. However, effective solutions can’t be designed and deployed in a vacuum. As a member of UFL, we have the chance to collaborate with and learn from some of the world’s largest fleet operators. This kind of collaboration has the potential to accelerate scalable solutions that mutually benefit cities and their residents as well as the fleet operators themselves, including fewer safety hazards for drivers and pedestrians, less traffic, increased parking turnover, and more efficient operations.

UFL’s members include carriers Pepsico, UPS, and USPS; retailers Amazon and Nordstrom; technology providers Grid Smarter Cities and REEF; vehicle manufacturers Coaster Cycles, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, and Michelin; real estate leader Terreno Realty Corporation; and public transportation agencies Seattle Department of Transportation and Bellevue Department of Transportation.

As we continue developing curb management solutions that benefit cities, fleet operators, and small businesses, we’re honored to hear from and work alongside the executives, teams, and city agencies that are navigating the rapidly evolving challenges of urban goods movement every day.


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