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Automotus named Next Big Thing in Tech 2021

Automotus has been named a Sustainability honoree of Fast Company's Next Big Things in Tech 2021 (NBTT). The inaugural awards recognized 65 companies, ranging from startups to international corporations, that are applying cutting-edge tech to solve real-world problems.

The Sustainability winners of Fast Company's NBTT awards were selected for developing impactful technologies that can lessen humanity's impact on the environment. Automotus was honored for its work in helping cities reduce congestion and emissions by using computer vision technology and automation to manage the unprecedented rise in commercial vehicle traffic.

"Using video cameras mounted to light poles, Automotus automates the process of charging drivers for parking and enforcing no-parking zones. It also provides cities with valuable (and anonymized) insight about how their streets are being used—and gives companies doing deliveries real-time information about where to park, reducing congestion."

Fellow winners in the Sustainability category include PepsiCo & Wint, who were recognized for a pilot program designed to significantly cut water consumption; GM, for creating a practical and scalable electric vehicle battery; and MycoWorks, which developed a sustainable leather alternative; among other honorees.

Review the full list of Sustainability winners, here.


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