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Automotus selected as a private sector partner for City of Los Angeles' Urban Movement Labs

Today Mayor Eric Garcetti announced the launch of Urban Movement Labs (UML) as a standalone not-for-profit organization along with their flagship program Transportation Technology Innovation Zone — and Automotus will serve as a private sector partner.

Launched last year by Mayor Garcetti, UML is a mobility solutions accelerator that brings together diverse thinking to create a transportation system that is equitable, sustainable, and accessible. As a partner, Automotus will work closely with the city of Los Angeles to designate additional pick-up and drop-off zones for food delivery to help keep restaurants afloat during the pandemic. Our team will also work collaboratively with leading food delivery companies to identify policies and operational frameworks that deliver win-win partnerships for the city and the private sector.

We’re excited to work alongside the city and UML’s other partners, including MoceanLab, Tortoise, Waymo, and other mobility leaders, on curb management solutions that reduce emissions, decrease traffic congestion, support small businesses, and define what’s possible across all of Los Angeles.


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