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Automotus to support 100 smart loading zones in the City of Omaha

Automotus is partnering with Park Omaha to create 100 smart loading zones to reduce congestion from commercial vehicles and improve curbside pick-up for local businesses. With the rapid rise in on-demand delivery and curbside pick up, curb management has become an important part of the city’s overall parking management plan and Park Omaha sees computer vision technology and automation as a critical next phase.

Omaha is an awardee of Automotus’ 2022 Commercial Curb Challenge. As such, we will work with the city to collect comprehensive traffic and curb analytics. We will share real-time curb availability data with drivers, and fully automate payment for commercial vehicles, such as freight, ride-hailing, and food delivery, in designated loading zones. Together with the city, we will help implement new curb regulations and develop dynamic pricing and policies reflective of real-time demand. In turn, this will incentivize more efficient, safer stops for commercial vehicles. We plan to launch these zones in the city’s busiest areas in the first part of 2022.

Other partners on the project include Omaha by Design and Connect GO, the Omaha Chamber’s transportation effort, both of whom are excited to use our technology to support more equitable, accessible, and sustainable mobility solutions.

We are looking forward to working alongside Park Omaha, Omaha by Design, Connect GO, and communities across the city to manage rising congestion in Omaha’s streets, helping to create a blueprint for how cities can reallocate curb space to address the rapid rise in commercial vehicle traffic and emissions.


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