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Bellevue, WA selects Automotus to analyze and reinvent its most congested curbs

In December 2019 Bellevue, WA was selected by Transportation for America as one of three cities to receive funding for curb management pilots — and now Automotus will be foundational to its success.

Bellevue is one of Washington’s fastest growing cities and COVID-19 has only accelerated congestion from commercial vehicles. In June, Automotus will deploy cellular-enabled cameras in the 106th Avenue corridor — one of the city’s most congested downtown areas — to monitor street and curb usage patterns across all forms of mobility.

Our technology will give Bellevue real-time access to detailed analytics on volume, double-parking, and dwell times by mode of transit, including passenger vehicles, buses, freight, delivery vans, and ride-hailing. Bellevue will then use these insights to guide long-term policy and planning decisions around their most congested curbs, as well as guide monetization and enforcement strategies specifically for commercial vehicles.


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