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Paris aims to become a 15-minute city and Automotus is helping make it possible

Paris, France aims to become a 15-minute city within the next five years, and Automotus is helping to make this happen.

Automotus is assisting MIT’s Senseable City Lab with the Curbs Project in Paris to ensure that residents will have easy access to urban amenities such as parks and street shops within walking distance or predominantly using active modes, such as bicycles and scooters, creating a more vibrant and accessible city.

The project poses technical challenges that require a number of innovations to truly capture the complexity of curb activity. Automotus video analytics team is assisting MIT with this component of the project to expedite their technological development.

In this transition, the curb, which has been historically designed solely as a static barrier between pedestrians and automobiles, is taking on a more dynamic and central role. Senseable City Lab, MIT’s urban research lab, is working with the city of Paris to tackle one of the most complex mobility challenges cities are facing around the world today––identifying patterns of use along the curb to help cities better manage them.


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