Cameras and Computing Systems for Video Analysis AI

Is network access available?
Integrate new or existing cameras with Centrum Series NVRs

Centrum I

Camera Capacity – Processes up to 10 cameras @ 1080p
Form Factor – 12 bay, 2U rack mount
Video Storage – 48TB to 144TB (7,200 hrs to 21,600 hrs)


Centrum II

Camera Capacity – Processes up to 20 cameras @ 1080p

Form Factor – 24 bay, 4U rack mount

Video Storage – 96TB to 288TB (14,400 hrs to 43,200 hrs)

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Install Automotus CurbSight Cameras at on-street or off-street locations
Fixed-LPR, Parking Management

CurbSight Cameras

  • Use cellular data to reduce infrastructure/installation requirements 

  • Embedded computers process video in real-time and reduce cellular costs

  • Store up to 7 days of video footage locally

  • Only requirement is a power source

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