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Santa Monica Zero Emissions Delivery Zone
Case Study

curb management learnings and results from the nation's first ZEDZ 

The Zero Emissions Delivery Zone (ZEDZ) in Santa Monica, California, recently concluded its pilot phase, showcasing promising initial results. Conceived by the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI) and supported by numerous zero emissions technology partners, this groundbreaking project aimed to provide a sandbox for technology companies and delivery providers. 

This case study focuses on the curb management element, led by Automotus, and shares lessons on the process, collaboration, and results from the initial phase fo the program. Automotus was selected by LACI to provide analytics in 11 zones across the city. By comparing the usage patterns in these areas to control zones, the study aimed to gauge the impact of zero emissions loading areas across a variety of metrics. 

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