Rethinking how communities approach parking and traffic

Traffic sucks, and building roads won't solve the problem. In a study on traffic and parking Donald Shoup, professor of urban planning at UCLA, found that on-street parking has a hugely negative impact on traffic. On average, he found that 30% of drivers in urban areas aren't driving to get somewhere else, but rather are looking for parking spots. To add to this issue, how cities ensure turnover of parking spots for incoming traffic is actually adding to the problem – as it stands, parking enforcement agents drive around in cars of their own, not only contributing to traffic but also inefficiently enforcing parking laws. Communities can't build their way out of the problem either: a study conducted by researchers from the University of Toronto and the University of Pennsylvania found that traffic increases in lock-step with the amount of new roads built. How can communities alleviate traffic without overhauling their transportation infrastructure?

Tap into the full potential of camera networks

An intelligent camera network powered by Automotus computer vision software enables communities to combat traffic, enforce parking more efficiently, and boost their financials.

How to beat traffic

Our system identifies individual parking spots and can share the live status of these spots. This lets drivers know where spots are available, reducing the time drivers spend aimlessly looking. Additionally, our platform can granularly track traffic and parking data, allowing communities to leverage Shoup's findings to set rates and time durations for parking spots optimal for the flow of traffic. Using an intelligent camera network also enables our customers to create a dynamic traffic light system that can detect not just a single car at a stop light, but rather how many cars are at every stop light within the network. This provides the data necessary to build out a traffic system that is much more dynamic and powerful.

Leveraging camera networks for more

An Automotus powered camera network can also automatically detect parking violations and allow for parking enforcement agents to verify citations entirely remotely. Our software monitors on-street parking, detects infractions as they occur, forwards time-lapsed video feeds of cited infractions to parking enforcement officers enabling them to verify the citation and mail it directly to the violator. This reduces street traffic by getting parking enforcement off the road, makes them more efficient at their job, and in return allows them to spend more time on traffic management and resolving community complaints.

Solving the bigger problems

If beating traffic wasn't a big enough win by itself, reducing the amount of vehicles on roads also has a big impact on communities' carbon footprints. Adopting these sustainable practices also decreases the amount of traffic resources necessary to enforce parking, while simultaneously bringing in more revenue from efficiently enforcing parking in real-time.

Implementing Automotus technology helps communities take a sustainable and economically sensible approach on traffic and parking management.

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