Modernizing your Camera Network

Cities and universities without camera networks are increasingly few and far between. In light of the shrinking cost of cameras and crime reduction in areas with camera networks, they are naturally becoming more ubiquitous. However, most camera networks serve the same function they did twenty years ago: they record day-to-day activities endlessly until there is an incident that requires a particular camera's video records to be pulled. 

Automotus is changing this. We built our technology to give camera networks the power to solve problems and enable communities to experience greater financial flexibility, manage parking and traffic much more efficiently, provide community members a better experience with their local infrastructure, and still improve on the original function of camera networks: security. 

But, developing the technology is only half the battle. The technology doesn't mean much if it is too difficult for communities to take advantage of it. This is why we built our technology not only to be impactful, but also accessible.

A huge number of communities have already adopted camera networks and to allow them to get more value, our system is designed to be integrated with a variety of different camera network systems. With most modern camera networks consisting of high definition IP cameras, our system can provide unprecedented value without the burden of overhauling or even rebuilding an entire network. Even though the applications of a cameras network hasn't changed much in recent history, the quality and connectivity of cameras has improved substantially. These advances allow communities using high-definition IP camera networks to leverage Automotus technology without requiring additional large expenditures. Automotus can directly interface with many traffic management, parking enforcement, and surveillance platforms to provide much more actionable data and automate many costly and time consuming activities, while still keeping the on-boarding process seamless for the parties involved. 

By adding our system on a software-as-a-service subscription basis and enabling Automotus to integrate into existing camera networks, communities are now capitalizing on existing infrastructure to drive efficiency, increase revenue, and reduce carbon emissions.

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