Parking Made Easy

How Automotus is improving the parking experience

For most people, parking isn’t something that you think about until you’re doing it. Drivers simply arrive at their destination, begin searching for a spot, and then figure out how to pay for it. Unfortunately that process can be frustrating and time consuming. According to an INRIX study conducted in 2017, the average American driver spends 17 hours per year searching for parking, resulting in added fuel costs, emissions, and time wasted. Not to mention drivers searching for parking also contributes to an average of 30% of traffic in urban areas.

Paying for parking is also problematic, as it is not only inconvenient for drivers, but also adds extra time to each driver’s stay, reducing the amount of available parking for everyone else.

Luckily, Automotus solutions now help combat these problems. Communities leveraging Automotus technology are able increase spot efficiency & turnover, reduce time spent searching for parking, and provide their drivers with an improved parking experience. This is made possible by sharing live parking availability and providing drivers with an automated pay-by-plate service.

Third party apps like ParkMe, ParkMobile or even Waze, and dynamic signs share live parking availability data generated by Automotus to quickly guide drivers to available spots, reducing aimless searching for parking and increasing the efficiency of spot usage. Upon pulling into a spot, drivers with auto-pay enabled can skip the meter or pay station and head straight to their destination. Any driver can simply create an account with Automotus or a supported third party, add their payment information and license plate number, and enable auto-pay. Whenever they pull into an Automotus monitored spot, they will automatically be charged for the duration of their parking without having to stop at a meter or pay station. Paying for parking has never been so easy.

Communities can provide their drivers with this unprecedented convenience simply by installing Automotus camera units or running Automotus software on existing fixed-LPR cameras that overlook on-street parking and entrances to lots and structures.

Alongside these driver-facing solutions, Automotus provides parking managers with a suite of tools that help maximize operational efficiency and tackle other internal objectives. Automotus solutions are designed to help community administrators more easily balance providing a positive driver experience with maintaining their communities’ needs for compliance, data analysis, and sound financial practices.

With limited budgets and compliance as a primary objective, promoting driver convenience can easily fall by the wayside. Fortunately, with modernized camera systems and video-analysis AI, this no longer has to be the case. Get in touch with Automotus to see how parking can be made easier in your community.

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