Smart City Initiative

Deploy impactful technology without jumping through hoops.

Automotus has launched the Smart City Initiative to help cities deploy innovative technology without requiring significant investment of time and money. 

Increase Revenue

Boost Efficiency & Turnover

Improve Driver Experience

The Smart City Initiative leverages simplified procurement processes to help cities capitalize on the benefits of Automotus technology with minimal time and budget commitments.

Simplified Procurement Options

Unpaid Pilots

Unpaid pilots with objective-based back-end contracts 

Discretionary Spending

Small scale discretionary spending deployments

Simplified Bids

Medium scale simplified bid proposals 

Revenue Sharing

Revenue sharing on incremental 
increases in violation revenue


Automated Enforcement

Detect violations in real-time. Mail or Email citations directly to the driver, or notify

enforcement officers.

Automated Payment

Automated payment charges vehicles on a per minute basis, after drivers link their license plates to their payment info. No need to open an app or stop at a pay-station.

Live Guidance

Count open spaces or occupancy of a structure to share availability data through dynamic signs and way-finding applications.


Collect a wide range of unique parking & traffic data, and access detailed real-time & historical analytics.