Urban Traffic

our curb management solutions help cities, airportsfleets, and businesses increase revenue while creating more sustainable, equitable streets.

our solutions support

cities, fleets, and businesses 

comprehensive analytics

access real-time curb and street activity across freight, ride hailing, delivery, and passenger vehicles, and buses, e-scooters, bikes, and pedestrians

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automated payment

make payment for time spent at the curb seamless for all users, including freight, ride hailing, and food delivery vehicles



automatically alert enforcement officers of violations in real time and send citations directly to vehicle owners.

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real-time availability 

check curb availability through a mobile app or integrate this data via an open API into any freight, ride hailing, or food delivery vehicle wayfinding system

Urban Traffic



align policies and pricing with multimodal demand

share real-time availability data with drivers 

automatically invoice fleet operators by the minute

identify violations in real time and automate enforcement



improve overall guest experience

validate all TNC activity to ensure accurate billing

reduce wait time for pick up and drop off locations

automatically detect, notify, and enforce common infractions




increase parking turnover to drive more business

improve the parking experience for your customers 

make curbside pickup more efficient for food delivery drivers

offer a seamless contactless pickup experience for your customers




minimize time spent searching for parking

reduce violations through more dedicated access to the curb 

access real-time curb availability data

easy and seamless payment through automated invoicing


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