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Introducing Real-Time Occupancy: The Latest Breakthrough from CurbSuite by Automotus

Introducing the latest game changing solution from the Automotus CurbSuite platform: Real-Time Occupancy. Designed specifically for city staff, Real-Time Occupancy revolutionizes parking management by providing instant insights into parking occupancy, compliance, and curb status.

CurbSuite, powered by Automotus' cutting-edge computer vision solution, simplifies the complexities of parking space management, offering a seamless experience for city planners and staff alike. Key features of this new feature include:

  • Real-Time Occupancy Monitoring: City staff can now effortlessly monitor parking spaces in real-time through CurbSuite's dynamic dashboard. Instant access to current occupancy rates allows for the efficient allocation of resources and targeted management of congested areas.

  • Compliance Tracking: With real-time compliance monitoring, city staff receive immediate alerts for parking violations, ensuring that parking spaces are utilized in accordance with regulations, thus maximizing availability and fairness.

  • Insightful Analytics: Dive deep into parking trends with comprehensive data on peak times and vehicle types. CurbSuite empowers city planners with the analytics necessary to refine parking infrastructure and policies, adapting to the evolving needs of the city.

  • Curb Occupancy Status: Gain detailed insights into curb usage at the touch of a button. CurbSuite enables effective management of curb space, prioritizing it for essential services and enhancing urban mobility.

  • Forward-Looking Technology: CurbSuite is not just a solution for today but also a platform for future enhancements. Automotus is committed to ongoing innovation, with upcoming features geared towards providing real-time parking availability for drivers and fleets.

The benefits offered to Automotus partners through this new feature include:

  • Boosted Operational Efficiency: CurbSuite streamlines parking management, providing city staff with the data and insights needed to reduce congestion and optimize space usage.

  • Enhanced Compliance and Enforcement: Instant alerts on parking infractions enable cities to maintain high levels of compliance, fostering fair and efficient use of parking spaces.

  • Informed Planning and Investment: Leverage CurbSuite's analytics to make informed urban planning decisions, tailoring parking infrastructure investments to actual demand.

  • User-Centric Design: Designed for intuitive use, CurbSuite requires minimal training, allowing city staff to navigate and interpret complex parking data effortlessly.

Automotus is dedicated to developing and implementing solutions to empower cities to enhance their parking, curb management, and mobility operations. Our new Real-Time Occupancy feature is a testament to our commitment to revolutionizing parking management. It will be a key component to our efforts to expand our ability to support cities worldwide to create safer, healthier, and more sustainable communities for the future.


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