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Automotus selected to join LA Cleantech Incubator’s Market Access Program

Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI) launched the second cohort of its Market Access Program for Series A startups in Southern California with less than $25 million raised and Automotus was one of three start-ups selected to join, kicking off a collaboration that will deliver immediate mobility solutions to Los Angeles.

LACI’s Market Access program is designed to scale startups through transformative energy, transportation, and circular economy pilots. Automotus will specifically be working with LACI’s team to establish a zero-emissions last-mile delivery zone in downtown Santa Monica, which will be the first of its kind in the nation. This zone will cover a 1-mile radius and will help define the model for other cities to adopt zero-emissions delivery zones looking to integrate an increasing number of players, including sidewalk delivery robots; electric scooters and bikes; light, medium, and heavy duty EVs; and commercial EV car shares. Not only does this pilot have the potential to reduce air pollution, GHG emissions, and traffic congestion, but will also provide increased economic opportunity to small businesses and individuals.

We’re honored to join LACI’s Market Access Program alongside two of Los Angeles’ leading innovators, Circuit and Chewbox, who both recently launched their tech in a zero-emissions pilot in Leimert Park. Now joined with the program’s first cohort URB-E and Envoy, we’re excited to be part of a growing group of companies committed to building more resilient and equitable blueprints for cities across the country.


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